Innovation Strategy

Unprecedented Opportunities in the Information Industry

Rapid changes in technology and exponential growth in data are creating tremendous opportunities in the information industry—while disrupting the status quo. Established B2B information providers are being challenged by new competitors with innovative business models, lower cost structures and superior technology. Companies outside the information industry are venturing into the information business to deliver revenues from new sources. With all those converging forces and complex market dynamics, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where the real market opportunities are, and how to capture them.

Identify, Evaluate and Execute

If you believe you have data and information with untapped business potential and would like to turn these assets into new products and services, we can help you address the following three key questions:

  • Where are the opportunities in today’s market?
  • Is this a good investment/product opportunity?
  • What is the most efficient way to build this product?

Our strategy team knows how to find value in information assets and transform them into new sources of revenues. We combine domain expertise, particularly in Financial Services, Health Care and Compliance, with rigorous strategy consulting frameworks to identify and evaluate new growth opportunities. Our analysis often results in “go/no go” decisions and addresses critical questions surrounding new business models, entry into new markets, and technology partnerships and acquisitions.

True to our integrated approach, the strategy team works closely with the user experience and technology teams to ensure that our recommendations and product roadmap address business, user and development needs, while encouraging quick validation and fast ROI. Through this partnership, we demonstrate our commitment to the execution process not just the strategy.