Client Impact

Repurposing Languishing Content into Enterprise Solutions


A leading aggregator of market intelligence, serving 80% of Fortune 500 companies, was looking to extend the value of their publishing division and technology investment. They were exploring a new concept and needed a partner to crystallize their vision, create a roadmap and bring the product to life.


Building on our knowledge of the marketing research space, we analyzed their content assets and technology capabilities against the needs of information professionals. We conceived a new digital platform that re-purposed years of archives from leading publishers, offered cutting edge productivity tools, and combined the all-you-can-eat and subscription business models.

We created the first prototype in just 5 months and over the past 5 years have designed, developed and refined 6 unique market intelligence platforms covering healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, media, technology and telecom industries.


  • The platforms have far exceeded revenue targets with 30+ Fortune 500 clients including Apple, GE, MasterCard, McGraw-Hill and P&G.
  • This new product concept is now a core enterprise solution in their product portfolio.
  • Company valuation has increased with strong technology component and recurring revenue (subscription) model.