An innovation firm specializing in the monetization of information assets.

Mintwave is a consulting and product development firm specializing in the monetization of information assets.

Founded in 2000, we emerged from the need to embrace two new paradigms: one where business, design and technology decisions are interconnected, and one where data, content and information have become the “new gold”.

By combining the three disciplines necessary to build viable digital products—namely Strategy, User Experience Design and Technology–and our depth in Information Management, we believe in delivering forward-looking information products that are driven by market needs, focused on customer engagement and enabled by smart technology.

Through our unique ecosystem and extensive network of seasoned partners and consultants, our clients are more nimble and faster in responding to new opportunities.

Our name embodies our values—a passion for fresh ideas and commitment to agile principles.

Nathalie Darvas

Co-Founder and President

Nathalie Darvas is a strategic, results-driven innovation leader with over 20 years of experience advising data-intensive businesses ranging from start-ups to $100B multinationals. Together with her team, she focuses on technology as an enabler of innovation and on the monetization of information assets.

Throughout her career, Nathalie has combined business strategy, emerging technology and information management to create new products, processes and companies. She has explored digital business models and digital business transformation in a variety of areas, including banking, asset management, payments, compliance, e-learning, procurement, b2b publishing and market data.

Prior to joining Mintwave in 2003, she spent four years working as a strategy consultant for top tier firm The Mitchell Madison Group (later marchFIRST) and Deloitte Consulting.

She headed up digital innovation and business transformation engagements for leading financial services, healthcare and information providers.

During the mid-1990’s, she co-founded a $3MM professional venture whose backbone was an innovative CRM system facilitating data collaboration between multiple locations. She also devised a clinical information system to streamline patient information collection and retrieval by physicians.

Her expertise has been sought after in a variety of context, ranging from capital raising initiatives, joint-ventures valuations, to CEO transition planning and expert witness testimony.

She holds an MBA with honors from Columbia Business School and a BS in Finance and International Business from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris.